Nikki Y.

Born in Chiangmai, Nikki was always a city girl at heart. She grew up in Chiangmai, but visited Bangkok every summer allowing her the luxury of learning the differences of Northern and Southern Thai cuisine.  Fast forward a few years, Nikki found herself on a trip to the opposite side of the earth, or Washington, DC as we know it.  Working in a small restaurant gave her a chance to learn English, as well as hone her skills as a chef.  Now she has brought her ideas of comfort food served in a setting akin to her home in Thailand. She invites all with open arms and hopes to spread the feeling of “kreng jai” with everyone.


Jason P.

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Arlington, VA Jason was lucky to have grown up in such a culturally rich area.  A city boy in spirit but a country boy at heart he has a passion for hospitality which shines through his every day demeanor. When he isn’t working, Jason enjoys traveling to new places and meeting new people.  His love of exotic foods was certainly something he acquired later in life through the wisdom of his mother and adventurous nature of his father.  Often seen with a smile on his face, Jason will be the first to tell you life is too short to frown.  He has extensive knowledge of Thai food and culture and aspires to share his knowledge with anyone willing to lend an ear or a few taste buds.


Gao S.

Born in Laos, she lived extensively in Northern Thailand before moving here to the United States.  Her love of fashion would be on par with her love of cooking, and you can often find her shopping around Georgetown in search of the newest fashion trends.  She loves to share her traditional Laotian dishes with the staff as well as festival goers at the nearby Buddhist temples.  Her energy can be felt in the dishes she prepares, cultivated through years of hard work in Thai kitchens around the DMV.  A bit shy at first approach, she has a warm heart that can be seen once you get to know her.


Pao S.

Kindhearted. Hard working. Intuitive. Courteous. These are a few words to describe the best delivery driver in Georgetown.  Pao was born in Thailand, but came here to the DC area to work in the Thai embassy.  He is privy to happenings both culturally and politically here in Washington, DC and keeps our team in the know on those events.  A naturally inquisitive mindset has helped him get the most out of his experiences both here and abroad. With his charm and (partially) lead foot you can bet on timely service and great conversation if he has the time to spare.


Gift K.

Arriving to the United States a few years ago, Gift was a bit shy at first.  Worried his communication skills weren’t up to par he spent the first year studying English in a small language center in Fairfax.  As his English improved, his shyness vanished and he has returned to his usual state of conversation with a smile.  He has perhaps become even more emboldened with his mastery of two languages and can often be found working out at the gym when he is not deep in conversation with his friends.


Lyly Z.